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From Marco Polo Airport to Piazza San Marco

There are two ways to arrive from Maro Polo Airport to Venice's Piazza San Marco:

Alilaguna boat service:

From the airport exit left and walk 8 minutes to the airport's boat dock (follow the signs). Take the Alilaguna boat service Linea Blu (Blue Line) runs every 30 minutes. From the airport dock to the San Marco Giardinetti or San Marco San Zaccaria stops is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Marco Polo Airport


  • Alilaguna Andata - 15.00 Euro
  • Alilaguna Andata e Ritorno - 27.00 Euro

Bus & Vaporetto:

Take Actv bus number 5 or the ATVO Airport Shuttle direct to Piazzale Roma (the car and bus terminal for Venezia). From Piazzale Roma find the Actv water bus (vaporetto) docks (just left of the modern bridge) take line 2 down the Grand Canal (in the direction of Rialto) direct to San Marco Giardinetti or San Marco San Zaccaria stops.

Marco Polo Airport

ACTV (Bus / Vapporetto)

ATVO (Bus)